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About Us

With less than one in a million donating their organs in India there is a great need to educate the citizens of our country on deceased organ donation. We at Gift Your Organ Foundation (www.giftyourorgan.org) promote and educate people on deceased organ donations. The foundation serves to bridge the gap in the functioning between the government, the hospitals and the organ donors. Further, it serves as a national registry for those interested in pledging their organs in the possible event of brain death. This registry is linked to, and has the support of The Zonal Co-ordination Committee for Transplantation in Karnataka (ZCCK) – a Government of Karnataka body.

Our Vision

There will be no deaths in India due to shortage of organ donors.

Our Goals & Objectives

  • To be the official site for pledge registration
  • To enable the link between the government and the public to facilitate organ donation
  • To educate every Indian on the merits, and break existing myths associated with organ donation
  • To spread the awareness, especially through the efficient use of the website and online social media networks
  • To build a strong volunteer network across India who will reach out to the citizens in their communities and create awareness.
  • To initiate public debate and discussion on organ donation and to engage the online community
  • To work closely with the State and Central government with an intent to amend legislation and procedures for the benefit of transplant patients
  • To encourage citizens to initiate NGO start-ups to promote the cause of organ donation
  • To be the universal forum for support and information on the cause of organ donation

About Gift Your Organ Foundation

Gift your Organ Foundation is a registered Charitable Trust conceived in February 2011. The founding members were like minded individuals concerned about the glaring deficiency in the current scenario of organ donation in India. They jointly felt a civic responsibility to address this problem, to educate the community, and to promote the cause of organ donation. The dedication was so deep and passionate, that the vision came about to make a difference that would affect the fate of every single citizen of India. Those who fight for their life due to failing organs today deserve the gift of organ donation, if that’s what it takes to win their fight. Gift Your Organ Foundation promotes Life. Our life, your life- and once we’re gone, the life of someone else. Life must go on.
Sameer Dua, Founder & Chief Catalyst
Although, Sameer’s designation in the Foundation is that of a Chief Catalyst, he is of the firm belief that the Gift Your Organ Foundation will play the role of a catalyst in precipitating a transformation in Organ Transplantation in this country.

Sameer has education management experience of close to 20 years with a business school in India which has campuses in 4 different cities. Sameer was also instrumental in setting up an international business school in London and in short period of 2 years, the school saw the numbers grow to 1200 students. The business school worked with a prestigious University which was also one of the largest Universities in the UK. Sameer has wide knowledge of international education, particularly British Higher Education and has worked extensively with students from India and different parts of the world.

Sameer is a professional coach and has delivered various training programmes in the areas of Goals Setting, Selling Skills, Winning and Retaining Customer, Communication and other similar areas of soft skills training. Sameer is a certified Zig Ziglar Corporation trainer. Sameer is the Founding Chairman of the Bangalore Chapter of the Higher Education Forum and was the Vice – Chairman of the Emerging President’s Group, Pune.
Tina Budhrani, Founder
Tina Budhrani is a founding member of Gift your Organ Foundation. Tina along with Sameer Dua started the Foundation in February 2011. Her responsibilities included setting up of the website, content and strategy. She also plays a vital role in the decision making process within the Foundation. Having studied Manufacturing Engineering from Brunel University (UK) and a Masters in Economics, Finance & Management from University of Bristol (UK), she returned to India to hone her entrepreneurial skills. Passionate about all things ‘gizmotic’, she ventured into the Mobile & Telecom retail industry in 2004. Being the only woman in a man’s domain, she took up the challenge with a smile. 7 years hence, her business continues to do well and has made a significant mark in the industry space in Bangalore.
Reshma Budhia, Co-Founder
Mrs. Reshma Budhia is the co-founder of the Gift your Organ Foundation. Inspired by what Sameer & Tina had set out to achieve and convinced about the need for the youth to finally step in and work towards a huge cause like organ donation, she decided to come on board. Her responsibilities include working to build the marketing and communications engine, offering strategic views on increasing penetration and brand building.

With 7 years of experience in the Sales & Marketing domains within the technology verticals, she has been a constant achiever. Her area of expertise include sales strategy & marketing plan development, web 2.0 marketing, client servicing and creative concepts and visualization. Being from a business family, she has always looked forward to challenges and translated them into achievements. Reshma takes pride in her style of working, which is a combination of a “can do attitude”, high values and business ethics.

Her ability of separating objectives from issues is the primary reason for her to gain trust and loyalty from her colleagues, supervisors and leaders at CSS Corp. This attitude plus and her contribution in acquiring new international logos has led to her repeatedly winning the prestigious CSS Corp “Navigator” award.
Raj Sethia, Director-Projects
Raj Sethia in addition to being the Director Projects at Gift Your Organ Foundation has many more profiles added to his name. He took on being a part of this NGO because he felt that there is a great need to educate the people of our country about organ donation and it is his way of making a difference to the society by being associated with Gift Your Organ Foundation. His responsibilities include identifying and creating new projects, including events for the Foundation that help generate awareness about Organ Donation. He also manages the PR activities for the foundation. Raj is a Marketing Graduate. Soon after finishing his graduation he was appointed as the south India head for Channel 4, an advertising company from Bombay. He has assisted producers as a production controller in various Hindi movies. Raj's passion for food was instrumental in forcing him to take up Hotel Management and he took over his family business and is the CEO of the popular food chain ‘Gangotree’. Apart from having become a household name in Bangalore, ‘Gangotree’ is also one of the fastest growing Indian fast food chains in the south. He is also the member for FHRAI and SICA and Culinary Association of India. Recently he won an Award at the National Culinary Congress for his outstanding contribution by World Association of Chefs Societies & Indian Federation of Culinary Association.

Raj also heads ‘Classe Consultants’ an F&B Marketing and Consultancy firm. His marketing skills were well appreciated and he was soon appointed as a marketing consultant for a beauty salon ‘Cest la Vie’ in Ahmedabad. Later he went on to become the CEO for ‘Sabai -The Spa’ in Mumbai.

Pledgers Testimonials

Kishore Chhabria
'GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE & GOODNESS IS FOR SHARING....Lets be truly grateful for every breath & every healthy day that we get to spend in a very taken for granted manner. A True Blessed Pledge Indeed ! Thanks for the Initiative & the Opportunity ! God Bless One and All ! '


Sumit Gupta
"I have pledged my organs because I know my organs can save a few lives after my death. I can live through others after I am gone. We can all turn the unfortunate incident of one's death into a new beginning for many lives, so let us all do it. Thanks for providing the opportunity to me."


Jerry Martin
One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean. Approaching the boy, he asked, "What are you doing?" The youth replied, "Throwing starfish back into the ocean. The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don't throw them back, they'll die" "Son," the man said,


Anupama Sharma
I want to live after I die and 'Gift Your Organ' will help me do that. Don't lose out on this opportunity. It is always greater to give than to receive, and what better gift to leave when you are dead, than a life to someone else.


Rashmi Kewlani
Celebrat Life! Care for others and share whatever you have with those less fortunate than you. This is what i believe in and what has made me pledge my organs.

I have experienced an internal bliss and happiness after I've pledge my organs. It gives me great satisfaction to know that my organs can be of use to others once these are of no use to me.


Deepak Jumani
Gifting of my organs will help more than one human being. My organs not only helped me live my life. I hope these can also help many more to live their life again.


Vijay Chugani
Science has really progressed and we must all do our bit to support life. I have pledged my organs because I truly believe that once I don't need my organs, these can be used to save another life/lives.


Dilip Kukreja
This is a pledge, A pledge that has a potential to impact 1 million and more lives annually. One pledge that is exactly like a drop in the ocean, into this ocean that gives life. Let's all pledge and make this ocean large enough to gift lives till eternity. Do give your pledge too. Gift Your Organ Towards no loss of Life due to want of donors.


Vandana Tanna
Here's a simple formula to Make Yourself Immortal: Gift Your Organs! Gift yourself Life after Death ... Live through somebody else... As the famous Raj Kapoor song goes...


Dheeraj Thakur
As I pledged my organs on the 'Gift Your Organ' website, I just realized 'YEH ZINDAGI MILEGI DOBARA :)'


Aishwarya Jayaraman
My eyes deserve to see the world longer. My heart deserves to beat longer. so do all my organs.. To help someone live longer and stronger

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